Welcome to Box Hill Centre

Situated near the heart of the Box Hill shopping district, this large educational facility is home to all of the Topscore Education and Kip McGrath programs. Our teachers are fully experienced in Australian schools and our wonderful administration staff are fluent in English, Mandarin and Cantonese.

The Box Hill Centre features a modern layout with multiple computers for students, individual work spaces, two group learning areas for senior students and an Early Childhood leaning area for our Top Tots (Ages 2 to 5).

Topscore Education, Box Hill, services most of our families from the south-eastern and outer eastern suburbs. The major railway station and tram terminus is easy walking distance from our front door. Parking is easy and usually free.

With all this activity, no wonder this centre is open 7 days per week!

SubjectsYear Level
English, English Language, English Literature, EAL, Junior Math, General Mathematics, Maths Methods (CAS), Specialist Maths, Physics,Chemistry, Biology, System Engineering, Maths (All levels), English (All Levels) , Physics (All levels), Biology (All levels) , Chemistry (All levels), System Engineering (VCE)