Welcome to Doncaster Centre

The Topscore Education Centres is based on the Australian Curriculum, covering all aspects of literacy and numeracy in a modern and exciting way. We use a combination of quality teacher guidance and the best online materials and supportive games selected to keep young students interested while learning in their lessons and at school.

Colin Turner is the founder of Topscore Education Centres. He has had leadership positions in Victorian independent schools for over 30 years including Head of Secondary and Head of Co-Curricular programs, both in multi-campus settings. In 1992, Colin and a colleague pioneered Extension Programs with secondary students at Monash University which has continued and grown in importance. He also brings extensive experience with Self-Directed Learning built into the delivery of the curriculum. Colin’s own teaching has been academically successful with students gaining perfect scores and Premiers Awards in VCE English, VCE English Language and VCE Music (Performance). Colin also leads a select team of teachers who love working with students and their families who want to maximise their success in the school and university system.

Our Vision is to be regarded by the community and schools as a respected, innovative and successful provider of academic
enrichment for school students in Victoria.

Our Objective:

Provide high quality academic tuition for students in English and Maths leading to their best results at VCE level
Provide high quality academic skills development for children in the Primary and Junior Secondary years
Provide focussed preparation for academic selection testing at Years 6 and 8.

SubjectsYear Level
English, English Literature English (All Levels), English Literature (All Levels)