Education and Culture Tours

Why Take an Education Tour

The purpose of the study visit is to provide students from highly reputable schools the opportunity of spending between two and five weeks in a suitable Independent School in Melbourne. This allows for an outstanding cultural immersion for the students visiting Australia and for currently enrolled students to benefit from making new acquaintances or friendships with children from overseas.

The students who participate in study visits benefit enormously from spending a few weeks in Melbourne, developing their English, learning more about the education system, and making friends with local students. Further, a percentage of students are from families actively looking to move to Australia and enrol their children permanently in a Melbourne school.

Why Choose Us

Topscore Education organises study tours and is a very well regarded education centre in its own right, offering programs to students from age 2 to university level. We have recently concluded a very successful study tour where primary aged students enjoyed a five week program consisting of:

 • An initial week at Topscore Education Centre, Box Hill, with a qualified teacher for an orientation program and using English in an Australian school setting
 • Four weeks at an Independent school, with students placed in classes and learning alongside local students
 • Weekend cultural activities where students learnt a great deal about Australia, including our natural beauty and cultural diversity.

The parents of the students who participated in the study tour were thrilled with their children’s experience and returned to China deeply impressed with Australia and the provision of a unique learning experience.

Topscore Education arranges all visas, accommodation, transport to and from school, insurance, pick-up and drop-off at the airport, and all weekend cultural activities.

All staff at Topscore Education are either qualified teachers (who have held senior positions at a number of independent schools) and all administrative staff have requisite Working With Children Checks. All homestay arrangements ensure that homestay parents are also appropriately screened and have required police checks.

If you are interested in our Education and Cultural Tour project, please feel free to contact us through the E-mails below:

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