Answers to commonly asked questions about our TopScore Tutoring Classes

Commonly Asked Questions

Topscore Education was established as Topscore Five-Star in 2006 by Colin Turner, a long-time teacher and school administrator and he has been teaching students all that time. Nearly 200 VCE and IB students enrolled and graduated purely through 'word-of-mouth' recommendations. It was only when parents asked for a tutoring centre to be opened in Toorak, then in Doncaster, that more teachers have been carefully selected by Colin to meet the growing demand. Of course, it helps to have wonderful students and the multiple subject scores in the 40's (and 50) shows what motivated students can achieve with experienced support. But let's not forget those students that lost their way in schools and needed help with finding a way to survive, then thrive. Topscore Education has the teachers to give those students hope, confidence and focus. That's why we simply say, "We Support Your Success".

Our courses are listed in the "Courses" Menu. We keep it updated as we introduce new courses in our tutoring program.

Currently we have centres here, however we offer online courses which you can take from comfort of your home.

  • Head Office:Ashford Street, Lower Templestowe, 3108
  • Centre 1: Toorak Rood, Toorak, 3142
  • Centre 2: Cnr Doncaster Road and Tram Road, Doncaster 3105

Topscore Education has developed video-conference tutoring for your home computer. You could live in country Victoria, interstate or overseas and we can provide high quality tutoring. Currently we are offering many regular students online tutoring and we are happy to share that all our students are more than happy to take online lessons. Please contact us for more details on "Online Tutoring"

We request you to use the contact form or floating button on the right to ask your question and we will respond to you as soon as possible. Please allow at least 2 business days to receive a response from our admin team.

Topscore tutors are all qualified teachers. Some are VCE examiners or Heads of Subject departments in schools. All are expert in their subject. We do not use young, recent students except occasionally in the valuable role of homework mentoring. That means a differentiated approach to learning for students and peace of mind for parents.

Courses and Admission

We offer on-line tutoring in subjects from Junior Secondary students to Adult learners. We also offer VCE English/ EAL, English Language, Mathematics, Sciences and the Humanities. We believe that no matter where our student live or work, we will make all possible attempts to get them the Topscore tutoring to them

All students must be assessed by our teachers during the first lesson to find the appropriate learning level.At this point we are not offering any FREE assessment, however we will appreciate if you can contact us and we can discuss this further on case to case basis

You will be able to find the timings in Melbourne on the website as soon as they are available. For any specific question or comment please use our contact form to write to us

In 2015, Topscore Education is planning four separate, intensive weekend programs for VCE students in English and Mathematics subjects. They will be in: February, May, August and October. We are also planning three intensive two-day professional programs for Tutors during the three school breaks. Look to the website for further details or subscribe us for newsletter to keep updated on upcoming programs

We use the recommended textbooks that are set at school (until our students outgrow them!).A feature of our programs is that we work WITH the school materials and texts to maximise the student's success at school. We don't follow an artificial program separate from school and VCE requirements, although we do fill learning gaps that we find along the way. Topscore tutors are happy to consult with school teachers if necessary because we are fully qualified teachers too! In fact, several English and Mathematics teachers recommend Topscore Education for any extra support.


Personalised classes start at $36 for primary years and $44 for secondary students. VCE groups also start at $44 for live online tutoring. For most updated and current fees, please check our "fees" section in the menu.

Currently we are offering payment through below methods. We are soon adding more payment methods to our business. Contact us for more information

Topscore Education Centre ABN 710 088 537 538
Address: 2A Ashford Street Lower Templetstowe, Victoria 3017
Direct Deposit
Bank Name: Commonwealth Bank
Bank Details: BSB: 063 882 A/C:10278709
Mastercard or VISA - Telephone 0422-022-198 for Secure credit Card Payment