What this Parent Teacher meeting said!

16 Feb 2002: Australia's first ever Winter Gold medal winner Steven Bradbury crosses the line. DIGITAL IMAGE. Mandatory Credit: Steve Munday/Getty Images

16 Feb 2002: Australia’s first ever Winter Gold medal winner Steven Bradbury crosses the line. He would not listen to anyone who suggested ‘giving up’. DIGITAL IMAGE. Steve Munday/Getty Images

“Stop focusing on English; you’ll never get a 40+”

How will you respond to criticism? Give up? Ignore it?

Re-evaluate what you are doing and work with more determination to succeed.

The first Parent/Teacher interviews are upon us, starting in the earliest schools just before Easter. Most will happen late April.

Put yourself in the shoes of one Topscore student whose teacher told Mum that she was struggling to get the top marks in English, then advised to concentrate on “other subjects” for the remainder of the year. Yes, we are talking Year 12, eastern suburbs high school in 2016!

Okay, so English is not the family’s first language. Their’s is a culture that respects teachers’ views but the will and the effort to succeed against the odds is there. So is ambition for the future. But now an important support appears compromised. This is not the way it should be.

When you attend this important meeting with your teacher, be realistic, open minded and really listen. Seek detail and evidence to support comments. Then reflect on the message and use it as a spring-board to more effective work towards success.

If time is too limited, make a follow-up appointment for parent and son or daughter to meet the teacher together.

Most importantly, worked collaboratively with your teacher to find that path to success.

All Topscore tutors strongly encourage students to engage with their teachers openly and pro-actively to achieve their aim in each subject.

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