How to prepare for VCE studies over the summer holidays!

You’re looking forward to a well-earned break over the summer holidays – swimming, bushwalking, shopping, binge-watching, learning how to drive, or just generally relaxing and leaving the books behind for a while. Good. So you should. It’s important to recharge your batteries and rediscover a world beyond your school curriculum!

But by mid-January, you’ll want to start preparing for the new academic year and be a jump ahead. Here are a few tips to help you cruise through summer but also feel on top of your game for the start of Year 11 or 12.

  • Don’t give up the holiday altogether! Enjoy your activities. The year ahead will be busy so start the new year refreshed and ready to go
  • Organise your study area. A neat desk and room will help you maintain an organised mind
  • Have a pinboard that is free from old photos, memorabilia and things that clutter your space
  • If you know your school timetable for 2018, pin it up somewhere visible
  • Have plenty of stationery ready to go
  • Organise your folders: name each folder and if it’s your preference, colour code them
  • Set up your OneNote or other electronic or hard copy folders for units of work
  • Draw up a plan of holiday study where you can steadily prepare for Term One. Don’t just drift into and out of study or nothing will get done
  • Plan a routine that works for you and stick to it. If you’re a morning person, aim to work for several hours in the morning and then have the rest of the day off. If you’re a night owl, be disciplined enough to end your day’s activities and settle to focused study for several hours. Be consistent and you’ll soon appreciate the rhythm of study
  • Familiarise yourself with each subject’s VCAA study design. They are found at Know what each subject area will cover throughout the year
  • Read your English or Literature texts at least once, taking notes as you go along. This will stand you in good stead as the year unfolds
  • Read through and complete the first few exercises in each subject area so that you have a good grasp of the first Outcome
  • Complete any homework tasks that your school has set you. Your teachers will have set the work for good reason, not to torment you through the holidays! Do the work to the best of your ability – high standards are easier to maintain than mediocre ones
  • Keep up the physical exercise and social interactions


It’s vitally important that you start the year as you mean to continue: confident and ready to give everything your best shot.

Good Preparation brings Good luck!

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