What is Top Tots

Our Top Tots early learning program is a school readiness program based on the Australian Curriculum. Give your child the right start into their educational journey by giving them the solid foundation they need today. At our centres, we provide weekly lessons for children from 1 year old to 5 years old.
Top Tots a hands-on program, with multiple activities to engage and keep your child stimulated, it promotes cognitive developments such as:
• problem solving,
• remembering
• decision making
Top Tots encourages your child to develop a strong foundation for literacy and numeracy skills while promoting social and personal development.

Why Top Tots

When having a child there is so much you will experience, need to learn and know about. This can all be a little overwhelming at times but we are here to help you scaffold you child’s learning needs and developments. We can work together to share and assist your child in all their learning milestones from one year old to five years old.
Our Top Tots programs are designed, developed and taught by qualified teachers that understand the specific needs and age level appropriateness of each child. A main focus of the program is to get our little Top Tots ready for primary school. The classes are designed based on the Australian Curriculum and once they graduate from the program, they will be able and confident to attend Prep.
Being part of our Top Tots classes, your child will be exposed to various activities that will strengthen and develop the following:
• Creativity
• Confidence
• Imagination
• Critical thinking
• Increase learning absorptions and concentration
• Learn and process information
• Problem solving
• Emotional development
• Social development
• Hand and eye coordination
• And many more

What happens in a Top Tots class?

Top Tots classes run for 50 minutes, once a week with a maximum of 6 children per class. The lessons are structured which allows students to become familiar and confident with their environment whilst being in class.

A typical lesson consists of:
• Greeting song – this allows students to tune in to the lesson
• Observations of the world and things around us
• Memory stimulation activities
• Interactive literacy and numeracy activities
• Creative activities
• Interactive story and music activities
Sticker charts and homework activities

For our Top Tots Parents

Being part of your child’s learning is a key aspect for your child’s development, confidence and your parent-child bond. You will become familiar with new terminology that is used in Australian schools, learn how your child interacts within a class room setting, help you understand the Australian Curriculum which will prepare you for the future once your child attends primary school.
The program gives you the opportunity to be there with your child to observe and witness their accomplishments week after week and be able to praise them along the way and assist them when they are having difficulties.
Being present at the classes will give you the understanding you need to work with your child at home during the week for their weekly homework. This is important as it reinforces the concepts learnt in class.